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  • Best Playway school in Panipat city
    An Early Education Centre
    Stimulate - Train – Encourage – Perceive - Sustain
  • Best playway school in Panipat city
    Little Steps Preparatory School is an extension of an ideal home.
  • Top Kids school in Panipat city
    We empower a child to acquire knowledge through the process of self exploration
  • Best daycare school in Panipat city
    We impart knowledge through innovative teaching methodologies
  • Top pre school in Panipat city
    Every child is given one-on-one attention by the teachers
Best pre school in Panipat city

Creative Thinking

We try to keep our environment more imaginative and creative for children to learn and grasp new things around. We at Little steps preparatory school believe experimenting with new things helps children to develop critical thinking in children and foster creative problem-solving.
Best daycare school in Panipat city


The best kids school in Panipat city, Little steps school strive to improve the three R’s i.e Retaining, Remembering and recalling. All f the three aspects help to develop mental skills, positive belief and confidence in children. Also, it helps to build self-esteem and cure absent-mindedness.
Best Kids school in Panipat city


Little steps school is one of the top preschools in Panipat city that has a great learning environment for your toddlers. Our staff is much experienced and offers the best Homely care. We make sure to nurture the child’s growth and development is built up in the right direction.

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About Little Steps Preparatory School

 top Playway school in Panipat city Little Steps Preparatory School was established in 1996 and now considered one of the best play way schools in Panipat. It is believed to give children special care with integral values and boosting their creativity and knowledge. The important aspects that we focus on Little Steps PlaySchool are writing, listening & recitation of letters. Also, we let children know about shapes, names of colors, drawing, crafting, etc. Likewise, Kids are also made to participate in events, extra-curricular activities, and physical sports.

The best Playway in Panipat city is run under the guidance of Mrs. Veena Jagga (MA, B.Ed.), Director and Head Mistress of Little Steps Preparatory School. She believes that a child’s overall development matters the most. She strives to ensure that the environment adopts all safety measures of the playschool and remains healthy. The staff is qualified and trained enough to assure that the child remains comfortable and expresses their creativity to the best level. If you’re looking for top play school in Panipat, Little Steps Preparatory School is the right place located in Gole Market, Panipat. Read More...


  • Individual Attention
  • Specially trained staff
  • Holistic learning
  • Hygienic Environment
  • Motherly Care
  • Doctors Visit
  • Regular Parent Teacher Meeting
  • Cognitive skills
  • Audio visual aids
  • Well equipped indoor and outdoor
  • Intellectual activity kits
  • Fun way of learning
  • Best Education
  • Diet Charts
  • Personality Development
  • Bajans/ Slokas/ Devaram
  • Fun Filled activities for kids
  • Intelligence flash Cards
  • New age research based teaching methods
  • Insists Communication in English
  • Friendly Environment
  • Sharing and mingling with others
  • Table manners
  • Toilet training


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